About UP learning

Getting the most out of your employees by optimising their talents, allowing you to realise your corporate objectives. That is what UP stands for! Because UP will measurably improve performance thanks to clever learning methods. Engage, Learn, Achieve.

UP learning helps organizations in creating inspiring learning environments which enable both employees and managers to get the best out of themselves and each other. Not only do we offer advice on learning, we also implement, host and customize innovative learning landscapes and solutions. UP learning is the exclusive official Kaltura, Moodle, Questionmark and Totara partner for The Netherlands. In addition UP learning runs a business unit that creates course content, both Scorm- and Videobased.

Our approach

Getting the most out of your employees by optimizing their talents, allowing you to realize your corporate objectives. That is what UP stands for! Because UP will measurably improve performance thanks to clever learning methods. 100% return on talent. That is the result.

Our professionals

You will come across our people everywhere. They are active in a wide range of organizations. Our team has business and educational consultants, creative talents, technical specialist and commercial account managers.

What we do

The client want to increase the value of their workforce. They want to hold on to their valuable employees and want to achieve this in the most effective and efficient manner. UP will see to:

  • the organization and administration of training;
  • the development and organization of content;
  • the testing, monitoring and reporting.

How we achieve this

  • UP will help you determine your objectives.
    UP will analyze your current processes and results.
    UP will advise where and how you can improve these.
    UP will realize solutions.
    UP will measure and report the results.

Company mission statement

We develop valuable learning environments that enable employees, teams and managers to reach their professional goals. UP considers the following core values of particular importance.

  • Learning ability: Being able to quickly process and utilize information.
  • Cooperation: Focus activity and energy on one common goal together with others.
  • Responsibility: Taking responsibility for own actions. Admit mistakes.
  • Entrepreneurship: Ability to spot business opportunities both internally and externally.
  • Impact: Add value to UP and its stakeholders by making the difference positively .


UP helps you to develop your employees through an optimal combination of traditional learning with online learning solutions and e-learning. We provide e-learning advice and consultancy for developing learning concepts and implementing modern learning solutions. We also develop learning content and offer modern and proven tools for e-learning with professional support. You want to increase the value of your workforce. You want to hold on to your valuable employees and you want to achieve this in the most effective and efficient manner. UP will see to:

  • the organization and administration of training;
  • the development and organization of content;
  • the training & testing;
  • the portfolio;
  • the monitoring and reporting;
  • the hosting & support of learning and video platforms.

Partners in e-Learning

Our customer-orientedness, professionalism and drive to innovate. These are our success factors. Our professionals have the knowledge, the experience and the networking capabilities to help you realise your objectives. In addition, we have an extensive tool kit. It helps us realise the your best learning concept.

Case studies

What’s UP with ACHMEA?

The call-centre agents at Achmea must be able to provide prompt assistance. That requires a high level of training. This enables ACHMEA to realise a high quality and a 20% saving on the costs. Anton Peeters: “Our employees need the knowledge and skills required to help our clients in an optimal way. It is the task of Achmea Academy to provide them with these. We used to train groups of call-centre agents in a classroom learning environment. Today, we teach them individually, by means of an online training procedure. By training them in a way that is independent of time and place, we save 20% on costs for trainers and locations. In addition, our employees become productive sooner. The training is customised to our employees’ needs and is more easily monitored. For example, if anyone is not sufficiently motivated or otherwise unsuitable, this becomes apparent immediately. Obtaining a higher quality by means of more efficient training methods – that is our goal.”

What’s UP with ABN AMRO?

Better performance thanks to clever learning. That is how we help our clients. With passion and commitment. And we look forward to doing this for you too. Ready to go UP? Like other banks, ABN AMRO has to make sure their employees are thoroughly familiar with the laws and regulations. But how to keep a grip on this process? Ed Jacobs: “We continually train our employees. This is important both for our clients and for ourselves. For example, international laws and regulations compel us to ensure thast our employees are able to detect laundering practices. The authorities want to see proof of banks testing the required knowledge and they want to see the results of these tests. They also want us to inform our customers correctly. Therefore, it is all about employee behaviour. To be able to demonstrate that thousands of employees have been correctly informed and are acting accordingly, this process needs to be organised in an efficient manner.”

What’s UP with CBS?

The CBS achieves a high return on talent by training their interviewers online. In addition, the CBS saves substantially on the costs. This success was noticed. Wim Burgers: “The success of our decision to partly train our four hundred interviewers for various studies online, has not gone unnoticed within the CBS. Both for existing interviewers and for new ones, we have achieved a high return on talent. The trainees do their learning online and exchange their knowledge and experience on the internet forum. This way, they are better prepared when attending the face-to-face training courses. It adds depth to the training days and even makes them more fun, more challenging, more refreshing and less predictable. In addition, we save substantially on travel costs, salary costs, and location costs. Not surprisingly, we quickly decided to roll out this training method on a wider scale.”