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VR-training Catering Drivers

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2-4 april | Hamburg

A fast turnaround demands well trained Catering Drivers

Also spending too much time training Catering Drivers to load galleys? With Virtual Reality you beat the inconvenience of classroom training and save trainers a lot of time. As an extra benefit: in no time you can quickly and easily realize all the different galleys that employees need to get to know. It’s time to embrace the new way of learning.

This is how the VR-training works

  • Practice individually and realistically
  • Instruction and feedback linked to location and action
  • If needed, the instructor is present in real life OR virtual from its own location
  • Final test: catering drivers have to unload and load the galley comletely

The VR-training fits seamlessly with your Blended Learning concept. Results can automatically be added to your Learning Management System.


Watch the impression

The VR training is fully 3D and consists of five lessons. These lessons take place in a galley of the Boeing 737-900. First you can get used to the VR and learn how to perform actions and move yourself. Animations and visual support provide a special learning experience. The final lesson is a test in which the catering driver unloads and loads the entire galley. He or she applies all knowledge from the lessons about weir cards and special operations here.

Alieke Vos, KLM Catering Services

Alieke Vos, Process Improvement Developer, KLM Catering Services

“We see a bright future for training via VR. That we have discovered how to use the power of VR smartly is profit for us alone.”

Matthijs Waldhober

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